Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Workers Rights

New Book: ‘Enforcing Silence: Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel’

‘Enforcing Silence: Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel’ is a new book edited by our colleagues David Landy, Ronit Lentin and Conor McCarthy from Academics for Palestine. Academic freedom is under siege, as our universities become the sites of increasingly fraught battles over freedom of speech. While much of the public debate has focussed on ‘no platforming’ by students, this overlooks the far graver threat posed by concerted efforts to silence the critical voices of both academics and students, through the use of bureaucracy, legal threats and online harassment. Such tactics have conspicuously been used, with particularly virulent … Continue reading

Watch: IPSC May Day Solidarity Message

On May Day the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign sends solidarity greetings to workers around the world. We wish to thank and pay tribute, in particular, to the frontline workers keeping the world going through the COVID-19 crisis. We salute you, and mourn those who have fallen. In Palestine, we look on in horror as Apartheid Israel continues its anti-Palestinian racism, exploiting cheap labour while denying rights and dignity of Palestinian workers. Palestinians who work in Israel displaying COVID-19 symptoms have simply been dumped at checkpoints, while Israel has failed to test Palestinian workers. The Palestinian Health Ministry has found that returning … Continue reading