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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

SV Estelle

Noam Chomsky in Gaza condemns blockade and supports flotilla

Press Release from Gaza Action Ireland: In response to a request by Gaza Action Ireland and the flotilla steering committee, the noted social activist and philosopher Professor Noam Chomsky has made the following lengthy statement in relation to the hijacking by Israel of the SV Estelle and the ongoing blockade of Gaza: Noam Chomsky said: “I’m here in Gaza, I’ve been here for several days. I was here hoping to greet the latest boat from the Flotilla, the Estelle. We were waiting at the Gaza port. The boat, like earlier ones, was hijacked by the Israeli navy. They call it … Continue reading

UPDATE: Israeli takeover of SV Estelle now confirmed

Update from Gaza Action Ireland (11:30 Sat 20 Oct): We’re now certain that Israeli commandos have taken over the Estelle and it is being towed to Ashdod. All reports at this stage originate with Israel, as we lost contact with the ship at 9.15am this morning. Therefore, we have no reliable information on the nature of the take-over or regarding injuries, if any. Update from Gaza Action Ireland (23:55): We have just received news from the SV Estelle that 6 IDF ships are circling them: 5 small and 1 bigger. No radio contact has been made yet by the Israeli forces. … Continue reading

European Parliamentarians board Gaza bound ship as SV Estelle expected in Gaza by weekend

At noon on Tuesday October 16th, additional passengers joined the SV Estelle – Ship to Gaza, to join its mission to breach the illegal siege of Gaza. (Note: You can sign the petition in support of the ship here) Members of Parliament from Greece, Norway, Sweden and Spain embarked on Estelle at sea in international waters, in an action south of the Greek archipelago. A Greek coastguard vessel nearby did not interfere as the transfer occurred outside of Greek waters. They are now together with activists and crew from Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Estelle is … Continue reading

Action Item: Sign petition in support SV Estelle, the Swedish ship to Gaza

This summer, the intensified blockade of the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip has continued into its sixth year. The blockade—referred to as “the siege” by its victims—is a violation of international law and of the fundamental human rights of the civilian population in Gaza. The blockade has devastating humanitarian consequences for more than 1.6 million people, most of them children, on this coastal strip between the Mediterranean Sea and the Negev desert. SIGN THE PETITION HERE The blockade is illegal, inhumane and—from Israel´s point of view—counterproductive; it neither stops weapons from being smuggled into the Strip or missiles from … Continue reading