Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Settler Violence

Important NGO reports (September 2012)

Below are some recently issued reports on the Palestinian issue that will be of interest to our supporters. 1. UN Country Team in the occupied Palestinian territories: “Gaza in 2020 A liveable place?” (August 2012) 2. Breaking the Silence: “Children and Youth – Soldiers’ Testimonies 2005-2011” (August 2012) 3. Alternative Information Center: “Outposts and Price Tag Violence: A Blow Upon a Bruise” (September 2012) 4. Al-Haq: “Pillage of the Dead Sea: Israel’s Unlawful Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” (September 2012) 5. Addameer: “Quarterly Update on Palestinian Prisoners” (August 2012)

E-Action Item: European Parliament must reject EU-Israel ACAA agreement

Please send the following letter, or one of your own composition, to MEPs in Ireland north and south. The ACAA trade agreement between the EU and Israel is due to be discussed and voted on by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and International Trade committees on 24th and 26th April respectively. Email addresses of MEPs:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “” SAMPLE LETTER === Subject: European Parliament must reject EU-Israel ACAA agreement === Dear MEP, The Additional Protocol to the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement establishing an EC-Israel Association on an EC-Israel Agreement on … Continue reading

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