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Action Item: Send a letter to the Kimberly Process Chair calling for all diamonds that fund gross human rights violations to classed as conflict diamonds and banned

The US chair of discredited Kimberley Process (KP) – a UN backed regulatory system established to end the trade in blood diamonds – is seeking responses from KP Participants and Observers to a questionnaire about a review of the KP regulations. This presents a rare opportunity to voice your concerns about the KP’s narrow definition of a “conflict diamond” and other weaknesses in the KP regulations which facilitate the trade in diamonds from Israel and Zimbabwe that are funding gross human rights violations. We need you to act immediately by emailing the KP chair and Ad Hoc Committee set up … Continue reading

BDS Day of Action in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick tomorrow Sat 25 Feb

As part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012, there will be a series of Boycott Israeli Goods actions taking place in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway tomorrow, Saturday 25th February. We encourage all our members and supporters in these areas to come out and support these actions. END ISRAELI APARTHEID – BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS [Limerick, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods action Sat, 25 February 2012, 10:30AM (The Milk Market, Limerick City) [Cork, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods Demonstration Sat, 25 February 2012, 1:00PM (Daunt Square, Cork City) [Galway, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods action Sat, … Continue reading

Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 (20 – 27 February)

UPDATE: Here is the full report from Israeli Apartheid Week 2012. Israeli Apartheid Week is an annual international series of events held across the globe. The aim is to educate people about the nature of Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people and to build the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement locally and globally. Last year, IAW took place in over 60 cities across the globe and this year the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is proud to again host a series of events in Ireland. IAW 2012 takes place following three years of incredible successes for the BDS movement on … Continue reading

Love Under Apartheid – Don’t engage with Israeli Blood Diamonds!

It’s Valentine’s Day today. For some that means doing something special with the one you love. For others it may mean a bout of crushing loneliness. For others still it means a day invented to sell more products. If you are Khader Adnan, it means another day on hunger strike with the spectre of death closing in as you starve for political prisoners’ rights. Whatever it means to you personally, in Palestine, this Valentine’s Day will be just another day under Israel’s brutal Apartheid regime. This is a point well made by this very funny video produced by the people … Continue reading

Report of London BDS action: No Valentine for Israeli blood diamonds

On Saturday 4 February 2012, members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign joined London human rights campaigners in Hatton Garden, the centre of London’s jewellery trade, to raise awareness among shoppers and jewellers about the continuing sale of Israeli blood diamonds. Note: A similar action is taking place in Dublin this weekend on Saturday 11th February. See here for details. Israel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of cut & polished diamonds which generate more than US$ 1 billion (about UK£ 600 million) a year for the Apartheid State. Many jewellers falsely claim Israeli diamonds are “conflict-free” … Continue reading

Report: Third National BDS Conference in Paletsine

On 17 December 2011, Palestinians gathered in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank for the Third National Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions  (BDS) Conference. The event took place against the backdrop of continuous Israeli violations of Palestinian rights, and a growing resistance against injustice worldwide as demonstrated by the Arab revolutions and the occupy movements.  Just minutes away from the conference venue, 500 Jewish settlers live under escort of the Israeli military in a colonial enclave in the middle of old Hebron, terrorizing local Palestinian residents on a daily basis, with the stated intent of driving them from … Continue reading

Israeli Blood Diamonds Campaign – Complaint to the ASAI

Earlier this month jewellers and shoppers in Hatton Garden, London learned a little more about the trade in so-called conflict free diamonds from Israel that are funding the Israeli war machine . Some pictures from the action in Hatton Garden can be seen by clicking here. When the diamond industry and jewellers claim their diamonds are conflict free, consumers are led to believe that they are not funding human rights violations, but, as we know, that is not the case as the market is heavily contaminated with diamonds from Israel that generate revenue used to fund the Israeli military which … Continue reading

IPSC to take part in Israeli Blood Diamond Awareness Event in London

This coming Saturday 20th August, activists from the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and Palestine solidarity groups in Britain will be on the streets in Hatton Garden, London to inform shoppers and jewellers about the trade in Israeli blood diamonds. The event commences at 11.30 am. Seán Clinton, a member of the IPSC who will be part of the event stated: “Contrary to assurances from jewellery industry representatives, the diamond market is still heavily contaminated with diamonds that are funding gross human rights violations including war crimes and crimes against humanity. While there has been much comment in recent months about … Continue reading

Audio: David Cronin on ‘Palestine, Israel and the EU’

On Tuesday 26th July 2011, Irish author, journalist and activist David Cronin gave a talk on the subject of ‘Palestine, Israel and the EU: How the European Union aids Israeli occupation and human rights abuses’.  A crowd of around 50 people packed into the Pearse Centre to listen to the lecture, hosted by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. If you were unable to make it along, you can listen to an audio recording of the talk here: Download MP3 Here (right click and ‘save target/link as’) About the meeting: In official statements, the EU presents itself as an honest broker … Continue reading

The diamond industry’s double-standard on Israel

(Below is an article that first appeared on the Electronic Intifada website on 23rd June 2010, by IPSC member Sean Clinton who heads the Boycott Israeli Blood Diamonds campaign in Ireland). The diamond industry’s double-standard on Israel All too aware of how bad association with war crimes is for business, the diamond industry has taken pains to evade questions about its connections with Israel’s human rights abuses — and so far has escaped scrutiny from watchdog organizations. Representatives for 75 countries affiliated to the United Nations-based Kimberley Process Certification Scheme meeting in Kinshasa this week failed to reach agreement on the … Continue reading

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