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Gaza family, victims of Israeli war crimes, appeal to British Queen to remove “blood diamond”

The Sammoni family, 29 members of which were killed by the Israeli military in Gaza in 2009, have issued an appeal to the British Queen to remove the Steinmetz Forevermark Jubilee Diamond which De Beers put on display in the Tower of London to mark the Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. In total, 29 members of the Sammoni family were killed by the Givati Brigade of the Israeli army during the Israeli assault on Gaza (Operation Cast Lead) in December 2008 – January 2009. 21 were killed in a single airstrike on a building in which the family were taking cover, … Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee used to promote diamond brand that supports a Unit of the Israeli military’s notorious Givati Brigade

De-Beers, the diamond behemoth, is exploiting the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in a vulgar and insensitive manner in order to promote their diamonds. The company’s decision to display a Forevermark Steinmetz Diamond at the Tower of London ignores the fact that the Steinmetz Diamond Group, through the Steinmetz Foundation, has “adopted” a Unit of the infamous Givati Brigade in the Israel military. The Israeli military stands accused of “serious war crimes and possible crimes against humanity” by the UN Human Rights Council. The Givati Brigade was responsible for the one of the most appalling examples of gross human … Continue reading

Israeli Blood Diamonds – Please contact your MEPs re: KP meeting in Washington

Send a message to your MEP to ask the EU representative at the Kimberley Process meeting in Washington on June 4th to call for a ban on Israeli diamonds that fund war crimes. The sentencing of the blood diamond-funded former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, for war crimes and crimes against humanity will take place on 30th May. Together with a Kimberley Process (KP) meeting in Washington on June 4-7th it is sure to generate a lot more media reports about blood diamonds and so offers an opportunity to push the issue of Israeli blood diamonds into the media spotlight once … Continue reading

Joint Statement: The Kimberley Process conflict diamond review session must ban diamonds crafted in Israel

In advance of the upcoming review of the international diamond-regulatory system, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a coalition of human rights organisations have called on the KPCS to impose a ban on diamonds crafted in Israel. The groups, which include the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign state that revenues from these diamonds fund Israeli war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. Below is the statement in full. The Kimberley Process conflict diamond review session must ban diamonds crafted in Israel The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, under the stewardship of the US chair, Ms. Gillian Milovanovic, is about to be reviewed. We … Continue reading

Report from Israeli Apartheid Week 2012

During the week of 20th to 27th February the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other groups marked the 8th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week with a series of actions and awareness raising events in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Belfast. Dublin, Thur 23: Première of ‘Roadmap to Apartheid’ The IPSC was proud to present the Irish Premiere of the brand new film ‘Roadmap to Apartheid’, by film-makers Ana Nogueira & Eron Davidson,  a 90 minute documentary film looking at the current situation in Palestine through the lens of South African Apartheid; comparing the two regimes in a manner not flattering for … Continue reading

Action Item: Send a letter to the Kimberly Process Chair calling for all diamonds that fund gross human rights violations to classed as conflict diamonds and banned

The US chair of discredited Kimberley Process (KP) – a UN backed regulatory system established to end the trade in blood diamonds – is seeking responses from KP Participants and Observers to a questionnaire about a review of the KP regulations. This presents a rare opportunity to voice your concerns about the KP’s narrow definition of a “conflict diamond” and other weaknesses in the KP regulations which facilitate the trade in diamonds from Israel and Zimbabwe that are funding gross human rights violations. We need you to act immediately by emailing the KP chair and Ad Hoc Committee set up … Continue reading

BDS Day of Action in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Limerick tomorrow Sat 25 Feb

As part of Israeli Apartheid Week 2012, there will be a series of Boycott Israeli Goods actions taking place in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Galway tomorrow, Saturday 25th February. We encourage all our members and supporters in these areas to come out and support these actions. END ISRAELI APARTHEID – BOYCOTT ISRAELI GOODS [Limerick, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods action Sat, 25 February 2012, 10:30AM (The Milk Market, Limerick City) [Cork, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods Demonstration Sat, 25 February 2012, 1:00PM (Daunt Square, Cork City) [Galway, Israeli Apartheid Week 2012] Boycott Israeli Goods action Sat, … Continue reading

Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 (20 – 27 February)

UPDATE: Here is the full report from Israeli Apartheid Week 2012. Israeli Apartheid Week is an annual international series of events held across the globe. The aim is to educate people about the nature of Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people and to build the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement locally and globally. Last year, IAW took place in over 60 cities across the globe and this year the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is proud to again host a series of events in Ireland. IAW 2012 takes place following three years of incredible successes for the BDS movement on … Continue reading

Love Under Apartheid – Don’t engage with Israeli Blood Diamonds!

It’s Valentine’s Day today. For some that means doing something special with the one you love. For others it may mean a bout of crushing loneliness. For others still it means a day invented to sell more products. If you are Khader Adnan, it means another day on hunger strike with the spectre of death closing in as you starve for political prisoners’ rights. Whatever it means to you personally, in Palestine, this Valentine’s Day will be just another day under Israel’s brutal Apartheid regime. This is a point well made by this very funny video produced by the people … Continue reading

Report of London BDS action: No Valentine for Israeli blood diamonds

On Saturday 4 February 2012, members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign joined London human rights campaigners in Hatton Garden, the centre of London’s jewellery trade, to raise awareness among shoppers and jewellers about the continuing sale of Israeli blood diamonds. Note: A similar action is taking place in Dublin this weekend on Saturday 11th February. See here for details. Israel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of cut & polished diamonds which generate more than US$ 1 billion (about UK£ 600 million) a year for the Apartheid State. Many jewellers falsely claim Israeli diamonds are “conflict-free” … Continue reading

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