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The Palestine Podcast #11: Raymond Deane, Honor Heffernan & Ronit Lentin on ‘The Cultural Boycott of Israel’

The Palestine Podcast showcases a selection of lectures, talks and interviews featuring leading experts and social justice activists active on the Palestine-Israel issue. Brought to you by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Click here to view all podcasts. ===== PP#11 – Raymond Deane, Honor Heffernan & Ronit Lentin on ‘The Cultural Boycott of Israel’ [2015-07-09] – (Download here) INFO: In a short discussion following a performance of ‘The Luthier’ by Lucy Caldwell, composer Raymond Deane and singer Honor Heffernan discussed their support for the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel with Irish-Israeli academic Ronit Lentin. The discussion took place in … Continue reading

IPSC Statement on the cancellation of the Israeli Feis: A victory for Palestinian rights marred by disgusting and defamatory comments

IPSC Statement on the cancellation of the Israeli Feis: A victory for Palestinian rights marred by disgusting and defamatory comments According to a post on the Facebook page of the Carey Academy in Israel and The Carey Academy of Irish Dancing in Birmingham, the Israeli Irish Dancing Feis scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv on August 15th has been cancelled. The post announcing the cancellation makes scurrilous and defamatory remarks against human rights activists and organisations*. [* Note: A first posting, several hours before the one that is now visible, contained even more malicious and defamatory statements. This has … Continue reading

An Open Letter From Israeli citizens to Aine & Seamus O’Sé and the CLRG: Please don’t dance for apartheid Israel

25th June 2015, Tel Aviv Dear Aine, Seamus and the CLRG, We are Israeli citizens, active against our government’s policies of racism, apartheid and occupation. We write you this message to urge you to consider supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom, equality and justice by adhering to their call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and refraining from taking part in, or supporting and promoting, the Israeli Feis in August. The BDS is a worldwide movement initiated by Palestinian civil society in 2005 as a non-violent campaign to pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestine, respect international law and … Continue reading

8 things you may have missed this week in Palestine

Irish media continues to frequently ignore important stories emerging from Palestine-Israel, stories that are vital to context setting and framing during those times when the issue actually does hit international headlines. By ignoring such stories, which expose the true nature of Palestinian life under military occupation and apartheid, the media can only be considered to be complicit via their silence. Therefore the IPSC continues with our new weekly round up of the most important stories that you may have missed if your only source of information is the Irish mainstream media. #1. Israel pressures UN to remove it from a … Continue reading

Casting call for theatre production of ‘Returning to Haifa’ by Ghassan Kanafani

The New Theatre is currently auditioning four actors for ‘Returning to Haifa’, a play premiering on Nov 18th. Adapted from Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani’s homonymous novella, the play is a work of highly historical and literary value as it offers a vivid representation of the human implications of enduring Israel-Palestine conflict and highlights the important missions of literature, and art in general, as a vehicle for the perpetuation of historical truth. Roles description: 1) Safiyya (Female. Age: late-30s) – a Palestinian mother tormented by two-decade-sense of guilt for the loss of her child. An eclectic woman who was very insecure … Continue reading

Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel reaches 460 signatures on 4th Anniversary

Today, 12th August, is the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel, which now boasts more than 460 signatories from all walks of the creative and performing arts. The pledge reads as follows: “In response to the call from Palestinian civil society for a cultural boycott of Israel, we pledge not to avail of any invitation to perform or exhibit in Israel, nor to accept any funding from any institution linked to the government of Israel, until such time as Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.” – For the … Continue reading

“Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel” tops 300 signatures as Israel continues assault on Gaza

As the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip continues leaving over 1,100 Palestinians dead there has been an upsurge in artists signing on to the Irish Artists’ Pledge to Boycott Israel. Originally launched by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign in 2010, the pledge has now been signed by more than 300 creative and performing artists, including Stephen Rea, Donal Lunny, Damien Dempsey, Andy Irvine, Sharon Shannon and many more. The pledge states: “In response to the call from Palestinian civil society for a cultural boycott of Israel, we pledge not to avail of any invitation to perform or exhibit in Israel, … Continue reading

Chris de Burgh notes BDS opinions, suppresses them, and performs for Apartheid

This piece originally appeared on The Deanery, the blog of Raymond Deane, the Cultural Liaison of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.  In it the author reflects on the efforts to convince Irish singer Chris de Burgh not to pass the Palestinian picket line, and de Burgh’s duplicitous response. Alas, just as he did when he played South Africa in 1979 at the height of Apartheid, by playing in Israel last Saturday, de Burgh has again shamefully chosen to stand on the wrong side of history. === Chris de Burgh Notes our Opinions – and Suppresses Them By Raymond Deane In 1979 … Continue reading

Event Report: ‘The Life & Work of Naji Al Ali’ Exhibition with Robert Ballagh, Khalid Al Ali and William Parry

To mark International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, on Friday 29th November the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign was proud to host a unique evening exploring how Palestinians and internationals use art as a method of both cultural and political resistance to Israeli occupation, apartheid and colonialism. The event took place in the Pearse Centre, an historic dublin building which was the birthplace of Padraig and Willie Pearse, two Irish revolutionaries who were executed by the British military for their part in the 1916 Easter Rising. By 7.15 the venue was full to capacity and, unfortunately, we had to begin … Continue reading

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd calls on fellow artists to respect the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel

In open letter issued today Monday 19th August, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd urged fellow artists to respect the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel until it ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and complies fully with its obligations under international law. The 69-year old musical veteran and co-founder of rock legends Pink Floyd was prompted to issue the letter following the BBC’s decision to censor words supportive of Palestinian human rights spoken by violinist Nigel Kennedy during a live broadcast. In the letter, appended below, Waters addresses his “brothers and sisters in the family of Rock and … Continue reading

Virtuoso violinist Nigel Kennedy hits out at BBC for censoring his Palestine comments at the 2013 Proms

Violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy has hit out at the BBC for planning to censor words spoken during a live broadcast of the Proms 2013 on August 8th on BBC Radio 3. For the BBC Four television rebroadcast, a line spoken by Kennedy is to be edited out. Along with The Palestine Strings, a group of young Palestinian musicians from the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Kennedy performed Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to rousing applause. At the end of the performance, Kennedy, who is a long-standing supporter of the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel, spoke to the audience … Continue reading

Poetic Injustice: Remi Kanazi mini-tour in Cork and Dublin (27-29 Nov)

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign is proud to present  acclaimed Palestinian-American performance poet Remi Kanazi in Cork (27 & 28 Nov) and Dublin (29 Nov). Remi Kanazi is a poet, writer, and activist based in New York City. He is the author of the new released collectionof poetry, Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine and the editor of Poets For Palestine (Al Jisser Group, 2008). His political commentary has been featured by news outlets throughout the world, including Al Jazeera English, GRITtv with Laura Flanders, and BBC Radio. His poetry has taken him across North America, the UK, and the … Continue reading

Action Item: Sign petition ‘Remove UEFA 2013 European Under-21 Championship from Israel’

It took three months of hunger strike and the near death of a Palestinian footballer, held for three years without charge or trial under the ‘Unlawful Combatants Law’ which is itself illegal under international law, for the Israeli authorities to agree to a release deal. While we cautiously welcome the deal that should see Mahmoud Sarsak released on 10 July 2012, we are alarmed that Olympic squad goalkeeper Omar Abu Rois and Ramallah player Mohammed Nimr are also being held by Israel without charge. We maintain that a state which holds sportsmen as political prisoners is unfit to host an international sporting event. This … Continue reading

Israeli Deputy Ambassador/Culture Officer in Dublin advocates intimidation and smearing human rights activists; suggests humiliating them by associating them with Mossad and ‘sexual identity problems’

In an exposé by Israel’s Channel 10 News, it has been revealed that Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari-Modai, advocates a campaign of intimidation, smears and falsification against Israeli human rights activists who campaign in solidarity with Palestinians, and suggests that “sexual identity problems” lie behind such activism. Ms. Tinari-Modai, who is also the Culture Officer of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland and wife of the current Ambassador Boaz Modai, made the proposals in a diplomatic communiqué sent to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. According to the Channel 10 report, translated into English by Dena Shunra, Ms. Modai advocates working … Continue reading

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