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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني


IPSC statement on the Palestinian “UN statehood initiative”

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign fully supports the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination as guaranteed by UN General Assembly Resolution 3236. This right is the foremost and most fundamental human right of the Palestinian national liberation movement, and is an inalienable right of all Palestinians – those in the Occupied Territories, Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinian refugees and others in the Diaspora. The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, as an organisation in solidarity with the Palestinian people, does not see our role as intervening in internal Palestinian discussions on statehood, or advocating solutions based on ‘one’ or ‘two’ states. It … Continue reading

Palestinian civil society welcomes Agrexco liquidation, calls for celebration of this BDS victory

Press Release on behalf of the Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC) 12th September 2011 – Supporters of Palestinian rights claim victory as target Agrexco ordered into liquidation – Court papers warn that company is Israeli symbol whose downfall will have ‘wider implications’ – Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions National Committee (BNC) calls on the movement internationally to celebrate this victory and to intensify BDS campaigns Campaigners for Palestinian rights are celebrating after the primary Israeli agricultural produce export company Agrexco, which has been a key target of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement in support of Palestinian rights, has been … Continue reading

BDS campaigners declare victory as international bidders for Agrexco drop out

* Previous Irish bidder Total Produce no longer looking to buy Agrexco * Clear pattern of boycotted companies entering financial crisis * Boycott campaign increases international pressure on Israel Palestinian Boycott National Commitee Press Release, 15 August 2011 It emerged Thursday that Irish company Total Produce was no longer in the running to buy troubled Israeli exporter Agrexco. The Irish fruit company dropped out of the running after pressure from Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigners, who had written because of Agrexco’s involvement in illegal West Bank settlements. BDS campaigners in Ireland reacted swiftly to a call by the BDS … Continue reading

UPDATED Action Alert: Write to Total Produce (Ireland) telling them not to buy Israeli company Agrexco

NOTE: TOTAL PRODUCE IS NOT IN THE FINAL RUNNING FOR THE PURCHASE OF AGREXCO, therefore letters are no longer necessary on that specific issue. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to write a letter, and of course there is no harm in writing to Total Produce demanding that they cease the importation of produce from Israel from which, according to their brochure (see image below), they source vegetables, stone fruit and salad items. Irish food company Total Produce is considering purchasing Agrexco , a notorious Israeli company complicit in Israel’s regime of occupation, colonisation and apartheid (see the … Continue reading

Palestinian civil society warns Irish company against purchase of Israeli exporter

Today, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign – on behalf of our partners the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), a Palestinian civil society coalition leading a global boycott Israel campaign – has urged Irish fresh produce company Total Produce not to purchase ailing Israeli exporter Agrexco. Note: You can take action on this issue by clicking here. The IPSC highlights a letter from the BNC to Total Produce published yesterday, in which the coalition details “Agrexco’s complicity with Israeli war crimes and illegal activities in the colonial settlements built on occupied Palestinian land”. Partly-owned by the Israeli government, Agrexco is responsible … Continue reading

Audio: David Cronin on ‘Palestine, Israel and the EU’

On Tuesday 26th July 2011, Irish author, journalist and activist David Cronin gave a talk on the subject of ‘Palestine, Israel and the EU: How the European Union aids Israeli occupation and human rights abuses’.  A crowd of around 50 people packed into the Pearse Centre to listen to the lecture, hosted by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. If you were unable to make it along, you can listen to an audio recording of the talk here: Download MP3 Here (right click and ‘save target/link as’) About the meeting: In official statements, the EU presents itself as an honest broker … Continue reading

Palestinian civil society calls for comprehensive military embargo on Israel

· Palestinian civil society calls for comprehensive military embargo on Israel · Youth movement activists deliver call and proof of military collusion with Israel to UN · Organizations representing millions around the globe as well as Nobel Peace Prize winners including Desmond Tutu express support for the Palestinian embargo call The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian coalition encompassing all Palestinian political parties, trade unions, NGOs and mass organisations, has called for an immediate and comprehensive military embargo on Israel. “A comprehensive military embargo on Israel is long overdue. It would form a crucial step … Continue reading

CRH AGM: Pro-Palestine Protestors form human wall as CRH involvement with Israel’s illegal wall again a major issue

DUN LAOGHAIRE: On the morning of Wednesday 4th May 2011, over 50 human rights activists supporting the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign formed a ‘human wall’ outside the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Irish multinational CRH, while concerned shareholders inside asked serious questions about the role of the cement company in the building of Israel’s illegal Separation Wall and illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. CRH has a 25% stake in the Israeli Mashav group, which acts as a holding company for Israel’s sole cement producer, Nesher. Nesher provide up to 90% of all cement sold in Israel, including cement used … Continue reading

IPSC Open Letter Bob Geldof: Do not choose the side of the Israeli oppressor

[23rd March] Below is an open letter to Bob Geldof regarding the offer he has received of an honorary doctorate from Ben Gurion University in Israel. The IPSC urges Mr. Geldof not to accept this dubious doctorate, for to do so would be aiding in the whitewash of Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. We would also ask you to send emails to Bob Geldof asking him not to accept this doctorate, at the following mails:,,   IPSC Open Letter to Bob Geldof: Do not choose the side of the Israeli oppressor Issued: Wednesday 23rd March 2011 … Continue reading

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