Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

What you can do

1. Write or Call and Complain to CRH

Write to or email CRH plc asking them to divest from Mashav and giving your reasons why. There is a link to a sample letter below. CRH can be contacted via post at ‘CRH plc, Belgard Castle, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland‘ or emailed at
If you write, please let us know.

You can phone CRH on ++353 (0)1 404 1000. Ask to speak to the Investor Relations manager. Tell them your concerns and ask that they divest from Mashav.

Download the Sample Letter (DOC)

2. Sign and Distribute the Petition

Sign the Online Petition asking CRH to divest from Mashav. You can also circulate the petiton by putiting it on your social networking profile, emailing it to friends, family and colleagues, posting it in forums, embeding it on your website or blog etc. There are a selection of link graphics here for web designers. You can also print off hardcopies of the petition and collect signature – see here for more information.

Sign the Online Petition

3. Write to Elected Representatives

Write to your elected representatives to express your concern that an Irish company may be complicit in human rights abuses of the Palestinian people and ask that the Irish government investigate the matter and take the appropriate steps to bring such complicity to and end. A sample letter can be downloaded below and you can find contact details for politicans here (TDs and Senators) and here (MEPs), or at (a great site but requires registration).

Download the Sample Letter (DOC)

4. Write to the Department of Trade and Enterprise

Write to the Department of Trade and Enterprise to ask that the OECD National Contact Point investigate whether CRH are complying with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises with respect to Palestinian human rights. A sample letter can be downloaded below and you can contact the DTE via post at ‘Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment, 23 Kildare Street, Dublin 2‘ or email at

You can phone the DTE on ++353 (0)1 631 2121.

Download the Sample Letter (DOC)

5. Get Your Pension Fund to Divest from CRH

Check your pension fund to see if CRH form part of it. If its does, ask your fund manager to switch to another fund, preferably an ethical investment fund.

Download a sample letter to the fund manager.

6. Are You a Shareholder? Take Action!

If you are a shareholder you are entitled to attend the CRH AGM on 5th May 2010. If you’re not a shareholder why not become one? You can raise your concerns directly at the AGM.

8. Thinking of Building?

Then write to your local Roadstone wood supplier. Tell them you are going to to build a new house/extension/business but due to your concerns about their parent company ‘s investments in Israel that you will not use any CRH products (cement, concrete, paving , blocks, roof tiles) unless CRH divests from Mashav and instead will select an Irish competitor.

A sample letter can be downloaded below. Link for details of your local CRH supplier.

9. Get Involved and Spread the Word!

Let your friends know about CRH by email, social networking, in the pub or at at dinner parties. Send them the link to the IPSC website. Ask them to become involved, to sign the petition and to spread the word. Set up a local action group. Organise local public awareness meeting. Put posters up in local shops and businesses. Spread the word. Volunteer to help with the campaign. To get involved please contact us.

10. Join or Donate to the Ireland Palestine Soildarity Campaign

The IPSC is a volunteer-based organisation and is always looking for new people to get involved. Alternatively, you can make a donation to the IPSC to help with the campaign. Any donation no matter how small would be welcome. For details about how to join and/or donate please see here.

11. Join the CRH Divestment campaign Facebook Group

Join the CRH divestment campaign page on Facebook and help spread the word among your friends and family that way.

Join the Facebook Group

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