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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

Ahead of AXA’s AGM, let’s tell AXA: Stop financing Israeli apartheid!

French insurance company AXA will hold its annual shareholders’ meeting on June 30. We need to make sure that divestment from Israeli apartheid is at the top of their agenda. Despite claims of social responsibility, AXA has almost tripled its investment in three Israeli banks that fund Israel’s illegal settlements.

AXA also owns 9.03% of Equitable Holdings, which invests in five complicit Israeli banks and in Israel’s largest private arms company, Elbit Systems, which touts its weapons and surveillance technologies as “field-tested” on Palestinians.

Just recently, the five Israeli banks were named in the United Nations’ list of complicit companies implicated in Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

With Israel planning to annex large swathes of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, the need for AXA to end its complicity becomes even more urgent. The three Israeli banks financed by AXA fund the illegal settlements Israel wants to annex. Elbit Systems equips Israel’s apartheid wall that enables land grabs and denial of Palestinian human rights.

Take three actions to ensure AXA’s shareholders hear why they must divest:

  1. Email jam: Use this form to SEND AN EMAIL TO AXA CEOs in Europe who will attend AXA’s June 30 shareholder meeting, telling them to divest

  2. Social media storm: Share the call for AXA to divest on social media with these two tweets:   

  3. Video divestment call: Follow our the BDS Movement‘s social media to see videos from prominent figures calling on AXA to divest, and share them online with the hashtags #AXADivest, #AxaSolidarityResponse or #AXAHeartsinAction

AXA is investing in research to fight COVID-19, but this research doesn’t mitigate the damage from AXA’s investments in Israeli apartheid. Israel continues its brutal repression and theft of Palestinian land despite the pandemic, and it is precisely Israel’s apartheid policies that make Palestinians even more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Our campaigning is having an impact. Since the launch of the campaign, AXA has divested its holdings from Elbit Systems and Bank Hapoalim. AXA has vastly reduced its stake in Equitable Holdings, now an independent company of which AXA owns 9.03%. But AXA’s investments in three Israeli banks have almost tripled! Help us make sure that AXA shareholders hear our message and take action.

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