Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Gaza: A Month of Remembrance
December 27th 2009 – January 30th 2010

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Remembrance Tree – Limerick
Sunday, December 27th 2009
- Event over - see event report here.

We will be creating a remembrance tree for the victims of Israel’s attack on Gaza. The idea is to create an artificial tree using an 8 foot length pole into which we will drill holes and place an array of timber dowels of varying length radiating out like branches to form a pyramid tree shape. On to the dowels we will invite members of the public, will tie blue (male) pink (female) and white (children) card cut-outs bearing the names of each of the victims. This will give a visual representation of the number killed and the breakdown of male, female and children. We are hoping to do this in Thomas Street, Limerick city centre on Sunday 27th December. For more info contact Sean at

Candlelight Vigil – Belfast
Monday, December 28th 2009
- Event over - see event report here.

A candlelight vigil will be to commemorate the Gaza Invasion Anniversary, in front of Belfast City Hall on Monday 28th December, from 4.30 to 6.30pm.

Bridge the Gap - Human Chains Nationwide
Thursday, December 31st 2009
- Event over - see event reports below

In an act of solidarity with the human rights activists taking part in the Gaza Freedom March [1] on 31st December, the IPSC intends to form ‘human chains’ at various locations around the country – similar events will be occurring all around the world on this day and the images will be sent on to Gaza so people can see internationals standing in solidarity with them. We’re asking you to take one hour out of your New Year’s Eve to show your support for the people of Gaza and to remember the more than 1,400 Palestinians who were killed this time last year.



Dublin: Ha’penny Bridge, 2pm - Event Report

Ballinamore (Leitrim): Ballinamore Bridge, 2pm

Scarrif: The Bridge near Finsa, 2pm - Event Report

Sligo: Hyde Bridge, 2pm - Event Report

Mullingar: Town Centre, 6.15pm - Event Report

Cork: Patricks Bridge, 2pm (2nd Jan) - Event Report

Derry: The Diamond, 4pm

If you are interested in organising a similar event in your area, please contact Freda at

Picket in support of Gaza Freedom Marchers and Viva Palestina Convoy
Egyptian Embassy, 12 Clyde Road, Dublin 4
Thursday, 31st December 2009, 3.30pm
- Event over - see event report here.

In an act of solidarity with the Viva Palestina activists attempting to bring aid into Gaza and those taking part in the Gaza Freedom March on 31st December - both of whom have faced severe hinderances at the hands of the Egyptian government [1], the IPSC intends to hold a short picket the Egyptian Embassy at 3.30pm on Thursday 31st December.

The Egyptian Embassy is loacted at 12 Clyde Road, Dublin 4. there is a map here - Google Maps.

The IPSC will also be handing in a letter of protest asking for the opening of the Rafah Crossing and safe pasage for the Marchers and Aid Convoy.

* For details of the obstacles faced by those trying to enter Gaza, please see the press releases here.

March for Gaza - Galway
The Library, West Side
Friday, 1st January 2010, 2.00pm
- Event over - see report here.

We want to commemorate the dead in Gaza due to Israeli 'Cast Lead" war last year.( More than 1,400 dead, of which 370 were children, 5,000 badly injured and 350,000 left homeless). On the 1st Jan 2010 we will assemble at the Library in West Side at 2pm. We will then march peacefully via Cathedral to Shop St and on to Spanish Arch. Please bring Palestinian flags banners and placards. People of all religions and none are all welcome.

Children’s Rally: Remember the Children of Gaza - Dublin
Israeli Embassy, 122 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4
Wednesday, 6th January 2010, 2.30pm
- Event cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

During international armed conflicts, children are afforded protection under International Humanitarian Law (IHL), including the Geneva Convention. Children are also protected under international human rights law and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). IHL provides general protection for children as persons taking no part in hostilities and special protection as persons who are especially vulnerable during war and armed conflict.

Last Christmas (Dec 08-Jan09), we all watched in horror the deadly Israeli attacks on Gaza in which 1,415 Palestinians were killed (including 318 children) and over 5,000 injured. On average, 13 children were killed each day of the offensive.

The 6th January 2009 witnessed the highest number of child deaths – 8 children were killed in the attack near al-Fakhoura School in Jabalya refugee camp and dozens of civilians (including many children) were killed in the military operations inside the Tal al Hawa neighbourhood in the south of Gaza city. 

Since then, because of the illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, the 1.5 million people of Gaza have been unable to rebuild their lives. No homes or schools have been rebuilt. Most children have no textbooks or school supplies. The water and sewage systems have not been repaired. People are still dying for lack of medical care.

Please join us on 6th January at 2.30pm at at the Embassy of Israel to remember the children of Gaza who were killed and injured. We will read the names of the 318 children and our thoughts and prayers will be with them and their families.

We call for justice for the men, women and especially the children of Gaza.

For more info contact Freda at

National Boycott Day of Action
Saturday, 16th January 2010

On Saturday, January 16th the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and our supporters are holding boycott events nationwide, asking shoppers not to buy Israeli goods in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are still being starved by the Israeli government.

Along with the IPSC, the following groups are supporting the Day of Action: Anti-War Ireland, éirígí, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, ICTU Trade Union Friends of Palestine, Irish Anti War Movement, Palestinian Rights Initiative, Sinn Fein and UNITE Trade Union.

We will be assembling for a short rally @ 2pm at the Spire on O’Connell Street, which will then be followed by us breaking into smaller groups and staging boycott actions at various locations around the city.

Limerick City: Assemble outside Brown Thomas, O’Connell Street @ 2pm. Actions will follow around the city. For more info contact Sean at

Cork City: Assemble at Daunt Square @ 1pm. Actions will follow around the city. For more info contact Freda at

Arklow: Assemble at Peoples Park, Main St @ 3.30pm.

Letterkenny: Assemble at Market Square @ 1.30pm

Newry: Assemble at the Market Entrance, Hill Street @ 2pm

Belfast: Assemble at City Hall, 2.00pm. For more info contact

If you are interested in organising a similar event in your area, please contact Freda at


Screenings of Erased: Wiped Off the Map (aka To Shoot an Elephant)
Nationwide Screenings, January 2010

On December 19, 2008 a group belonging to International Solidarity Movement (I.S.M.), departed from Cyprus bound for Palestine. Their objective was to break through the Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip. They were the last group of foreigners that were able to enter in the territory. None of them dreamt what they were going to live through in the following weeks. This film, originally called “Erased: Wiped Off the Map” has been re-edited and retitled “To Shoot An Elephant”.
Galway – Cancelled - Organising Meeting instead

Cork - Mon 18th Jan - UCC, room TBC, 1pm. For more info contact Freda at

Dublin – Mon 18th Jan – Time & Venue TBC. For more info contact Freda at

Public Meetings: “Never Again – To Anybody” - Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer speaks in favour of Boycotting Israel
Friday 29th & Saturday 30th January 2010

Holocaust survivor, author and activist Hajo Meyer will speak will be speaking about why he feels a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel is both necessary and justified.

Belfast on Friday 29th January in the Grosvenor Hall, 5 Glengall Street @ 7.00pm Contact for further info.

Dublin on Saturday 30th January in the Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 at 6pm

These will be the final events in the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s ‘Gaza: A Month of Remembrance” program, and are taking place during Holocaust Memorial Week.

About Dr. Meyer:

Dr. Hajo G. Meyer was born in 1924 in Bielefeld, Germany. Not allowed to attend school there after November 1938, he fled to the Netherlands, alone. In I944, after a year in the underground, he was caught and subsequently survived 10 months in Auschwitz death camp. He lives in the Netherlands, where he works as publicist and essayist. A member of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), Hajo Meyer is on the board of the Dutch group “A Different Jewish Voice”, part of the coalition of European Jews for Just Peace. He is the author of three books, on Judaism, the holocaust and Zionism.

An interview with Dr. Meyer can be read here:

Other Campaigns & Activities

1) Letter Writing Campaign

We plan to have a constant flow of letters going to the Irish media during the month of January raising the issue of Gaza. Ken is coordinating the campaign and interested people to email him at for further information.

2) Media link ups Irish people going to Gaza

We plan to provide the Irish media with Irish, Palestinian and Israeli spokespeople who will be taking part in the Gaza Freedom March and Viva Palestina Convoy. The aim is to generate maximum coverage both to highlight the ongoing siege and the attempts to break it, and of course to ensure that the media spotlight is on these brave volunteers in order to protect them.

3) Gaza GAA Club

As a result of the efforts of Irish activist John Hurson, the first Gazan GAA club in was recently established. The club has Professor Noam Chomsky and GAA legend Peter Canavan as its presidents, and as part of the aid traveling on the Viva Palestina convoy, the GAA have donated goalposts, jerseys, and training videos for the children in Gaza who have taken up the sport of Gaelic games. For further information, please feel free to contact John Hurson: 07875 396335 /

4) Launch of Education Document on Gaza

During the Month of Remembrance we will be launching our new education document on Gaza, written by Daniel Finn the IPSC Development Education Officer. Please check the IPSC website in the near future for full details of this launch.

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