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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

#IsraeliApartheidWeek 2023 – Events in Ireland

As Israel’s murderous new government continues its attacks on the Palestinian people, in Ireland we are getting ready to host Israeli Apartheid Week this March. Below you will see some of the great events taking place over the month.

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is a tool for mobilizing grassroots support on the global level for the Palestinian struggle for justice.

IAW provides an opportunity to network and strengthen the links between the Palestinian liberation struggle and other struggles against racism, oppression, and discrimination. In 2023, as in every year since 2005, we will once again join our voices to denounce apartheid and celebrate our diversity.

This year we are proud to have as our centrepiece a screening tour of the award-winning new documentary film Fadia’s Tree, directed by Sarah Beddington. Described by writer Selma Dabbagh, as “a poetic meditation on exile and return”, this is a beautiful and moving film that in which we see Fadia, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon yearning for the ancestral homeland she is denied, tasking the film’s director with finding an ancient mulberry tree that stands as witness to generations of her family’s life in historic Palestine.

Screenings of Fadia’s Tree are taking place in the following locations:


Sat 4 March, Omagh7.30pm @ Omagh Community House

Sun 5 March, Dublin: 4.30pm @ The Pearse Centre (as part of a one-day Palestine film festival)

Sun 5 March, Waterford: 6.30pm @ St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre

Tue 7 March, Armagh: 8.00pm @ Aonach Mhach Cultural Centre

Wed 8 March, Limerick: 7.30pm @ Ormston House Cultural Resource Centre

Thur 9 March, Ennis: 7.30pm @ The Old Ground Hotel

Thur 30, Navan: 6.00pm @ Cultúr Migrants Centre

Thur 30 March, Letterkenny: 7.00pm @ Donegal Intercultural Platform

Also as part part of #IsraeliApartheidWeek 2023, some of our branches will hold Boycott Israeli Goods actions on Saturday 4th March, asking shoppers not to buy Israeli products on sale in Irish stores.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign aims to apply economic pressure through people power, on the Israeli state to compel it to comply with international law and end the apartheid regime it imposes upon the Palestinian people.

Sat 4 March, Celbridge: 11.00am @ Castletown Gates

Sat 4 March, Ennis: 11.30am @ Frances Street

Sat 4 March, Dublin: 12.30am @ Henry Street

Sat 4 March, Limerick: 2.00pm @ Thomas Street

Sat 4 March, Wexford: 2.00pm @ The Bullring

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