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Watch our Palestinian Prisoners’ Day message and take action for political prisoners

Today, April 17 is Palestinian Prisoners Day, the day of international solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners in Apartheid Israel’s jails.

This year, there are more than 5,000 political prisoners incarcerated by apartheid regime, including more than 180 children, over 40 women and 430 people interned without charge or trail. Not only do all of them face the very grave threat of the Covid-19 virus spreading in such enclosed spaces, they also face the problem of widespread medical negligence by Israeli prison authorities.

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Today, on Palestinian Prisoners Day we are joining the call from Addameer and other human rights organisations to demand the urgent release of all Palestinian political prisoners form Apartheid Israeli jails. This is all the more urgent in light of the rapid global spread of Covid-19 pandemic, and the grave threat in enclosed spaces like prisons.

As of March this year, Israel holds some 5000 political prisoners, including more than 180 children, over 40 women and 430 people interned without charge or trail.

Medical negligence is used systematically and deliberately by Israeli prison services, and scores have died in prison as a result.

As the occupying power, Israel has the legal obligation to provide proper medical care and protection to our prisoners – and all Palestinians under occupation – from coronavirus, and failure to do so, poses a direct risk to their health and is a violation of their basic human rights.

Today there are around 700 prisoner suffering from serious medical conditions, and around 40 suffer from acute illnesses like cancer. For many of these, the Coivd-19 in the prisons could be a death sentence.

We demand the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners, especially the children and those more vulnerable to covid-19 virus such as the elderly, the seriously ill and those with compromised immune systems.

Free Palestine and free all Palestinian Political Prisoners!


WATCH the livestream public meeting with Sahar Francis, Director of Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association (7pm, Fri 17 April) on the US Palestinian Community Network Facebook Page here.

TAKE PART IN A TWITTERSTORM following the livestream (8pm – 10pm) using the hashtags #PalestinianPrisonersDay and #FreeOurPrisoners.

SIGN THE PETITION calling for release of Palestinian child prisoners here.

READ the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day Statement issued by Addameer here.

WATCH the Palestinian 2017 documentary film ‘Ghost Hunting’ about the experiences of former Palestinian political prisoners which is the Palestine Film Institute is streaming free online until 22nd April.


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