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Nakba Week: Diana Buttu Live & Post Your #KeyToJustice Selfies!

It’s Nakba Week, when Palestinians and their supporters around the world commemorate Al Nakba (The Catastrophe) – the 1947-49 ethnic cleansing and dispossession of over 750,000 indigenous Palestinians by Zionist paramilitaries to facilitate the creation of the Apartheid State of Israel.

As we cannot bring our message of remembrance, hope and solidarity to the streets this year, we are organising several online activities that supporters can get involved with this week.

1. Livestream Public Meeting with Diana Buttu

Firstly, this WEDNESDAY 13th MAY at 6.30pm we are honoured to host an online public meeting with Palestinian legal expert and political analyst Diana Buttu.

The talk will be livestreamed on the IPSC’s Facebook and Youtube channels at 6.30pm (Irish Standard Time) on Wednesday 13th May, and there will be an opportunity for Q&A afterwards. You can invite friends to watch it on Facebook here – and you can host a watch party when it goes live.

Ms. Buttu will discuss Israel’s latest plan to illegally annex large areas of the West Bank in the context on the ‘Ongoing Nakba’ which has seen the Palestinians subjected to seven decades of dispossession, ethnic cleansing, military occupation, mass incarceration, illegal annexation and racist apartheid. She will also discuss what Palestinians, internationals and the international community can do to prevent this new Nakba, and how we can effectively support the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, justice, equality and return.

2. Post a #KeyToJustice Nakba Day Selfie

On Nakba Day itself (Friday 15 May), we ask you to POST A SELFIE with you/your family/lockdownmates holding a message of solidarity with Palestinian refugees as part of the Global Day of Action.

Post your image to Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Snapchat etc using the hashtags #Nakba72 #KeyToJustice #RightOfReturn and #Ireland2Palestine

Some phrases you might like to include in your message could be “Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees”, “Solidarity With Palestinian Refugees”, “End the Ongoing Nakba”, “No More Nakba – Right of Return Now”, “#Nakba72 – Right of Return”, “End Palestinian Displacement”, or even something as simple as “Free Palestine” of “Boycott Israeli Apartheid”. We would also ask you to try to incorporate a key symbol – the symbol of the Palestinian Right of Return.

3. Watch the video our of Solidarity #KeyToJustice arriving in Palestine


On 15 May 2019, to mark Palestinian ‘Nakba Day’, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign asked people to write solidarity messages to Palestinian refugees on a big key. The key is the symbol of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

In may 2020, the 72nd anniversary of the Nakba, the #KeyToJustice was delivered to our friends In the Lajee Cultural Center in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem.

4. Follow our Social Media for videos, pictures stories and more

The IPSC is active across social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We also hope to soon launch WhatsApp and Telegram groups. Follow us on all these platforms for updates, images, videos and more on what’s going on in Palestine, and what you can do to help Palestinians in their struggle for freedom from Israeli Apartheid.

For example, tomorrow at noon we’ll be premiering a video of a beautiful song from Palestinian refugee children in the camps in Lebanon about their about life under Coronavirus – watch it on FacebookYouTubeInstagramTwitter – or on our Website.

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