Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني

[Dublin] Emergency Protest for Palestine: End Israeli attacks on Palestinians!

After months of provocations, Israeli state repression and settler attacks have resulted in a widespread anti-colonial uprising of Palestinian youth. Israel has sought to put down this movement with extreme violence – at least 25 Palestinians have been killed, while over 1,300 have been wounded by live fire or rubber-coated steel bullets since the beginning of the month.

Once again, when Palestinians are under attack from a heavily armed occupation military, our government remains silent, and refuses to take action to sanction Israel, even when it’s leaders openly declare they have no interest in ever giving up the occupied Palestinian territories.

This is not a war between two equal sides– it is a struggle between oppressor and oppressed, the coloniser and the colonised.

So we ask you to join us on the streets this Thursday 15th October at 5pm at The Spire on Dublin’s O’Connell Street to send out a simple message in solidarity with our Palestinian sisters and brothers: ‘Stop The Violence Against Palestine – Boycott Israeli Terrorism – Freedom and Justice for Palestinians’.


Organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, supported by PalFest Ireland and the Irish Anti-War Movement.



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