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[Cork] “…for the day after…”: A talk on Gaza by Desmond Travers

A talk by Col. Desmond Travers will take place on Wednesday 27th November in the Metropole Hotel Cork at 8 pm.

”…for the day after…” is the expression that the Israeli soldiers used for the programme of systematic destruction meted out on the infrastructure of Gaza in the final days of Operation Cast Lead in January 2009.

Travers’ presentation is an analysis of that destruction, day by day, during the four years that followed in order establish the motive for it.  The audience is invited to make up their own minds as to Israel’s intentions with regard to Gaza.

Desmond Travers is a retired Irish Army colonel. During his years with the army he served with various United Nations and European Union peacekeeping forces. Since his retirement from the army in 2001, he has taught military affairs at the Institute for International Criminal Investigations in The Hague. He also served on the institutes board of directors. In 2009 together with Richard Goldstone, Christine Chinkin, and Hina Jilani, he was appointed to the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. The report that the mission subsequently published is commonly referred to as the Goldstone Report and Travers is credited as one of the four co-authors.

Hosted by the Cork branch of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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