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[Cork] 4-Day Film Screening: Al Nakba by Rawan Damen (Parts I – IV)

Documentary Al Nakba (2008) by Rawan Damen (4 parts, 50 minutes each), Monday 25 – Thursday 28 November

Al Nakba is a term familiar to Palestinian’s and activists alike. It translates directly as ‘Day of the Catastrophe’. For the Palestinians it is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. This series explores the history of Palestine from 1799 till today showing the roots of the Palestinian Nakba via presenting rare archive and interviewing first rank Palestinian, Israeli and British historians.

Note: Different venue for the screening each day.

Part 1 : “The threads of the Conspiracy” – Monday 25 November, UCC, room G19 Aras na Laoi, 1-2pm
Part 2 : “Crushing the Revolution” – Tuesday 26 November UCC room ORB 132, 1-2pm
Part 3 : “Ethnic Cleansing” – Wednesday 27 November room ORB 101, 1-2pm
Part 4 : “Nakba Continued” – Thursday 28 November room WW5 1-2pm

Al Nakba is a 200 minute documentary produced by Al Jazeera and first broadcast in Arabic on the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe. It was translated into English in 2009. Al Nakba won the prize for the best long documentary about Palestine in Al Jazeera Fifth International Film Festival (Doha/Qatar) and the audience award in Amal Ninth Euro-Arab Film Festival (Santiago/Spain). It participated in other film festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine

Hosted by the Cork branch of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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