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التضامن الإيرلندي الفلسطيني


Action Item: Please urge Minister Gilmore to support a ban on settlement goods & support Trocaire’s campaign


Update (30/09/2012) The Irish NGO Trocaire has also launched a campaign on this issue aimed at TDs, please take the time to mail your local TDS using the form on Trocaire’s website by clicking here. — On Wednesday 19th September the Irish Times newspaper reported that an the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade was “to write to the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eamonn Gilmore, calling for a national ban on imports from illegal Israeli settlements”, following a full briefing from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign supports this limited … Continue reading

ACAA Trade Protocol shamefully passed by Euroepan Parliament.


UPDATE (23/10/2012): Sadly, the ACAA vote passed this evening by 379 votes to 230. The IPSC would like to thank everyone who mobilised on this issue and all the MEPs who voted against rewarding Israeli Apartheid and war crimes. It is shameful to see the EU, the recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, vote to improve trade relations with a serial human rights abusing state like Israel. ==== Last month, organisations and activists across Europe took action together to persuade the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament to block a new trade protocol with Israel. Thousands of people … Continue reading

Report: IPSC hold ‘Postcards for Palestine’ action at Israeli Embassy sponsored ‘Open House’ event


On a dark, cold and dreary evening in Dublin, members and supporters of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) injected a little bit of lively colour into the twilight with a ‘Postcards for Palestine’ event. The event was organised at short notice to counteract an Israeli Embassy sponsored exhibition being launched in Dublin Civic Trust on Castle Street on Thursday 4th October inviting Dubliners to send postcards to Tel Aviv. The Israeli state sponsored event, shamefully held under the auspices of the Open House architectural festival, is the latest in a line of cultural propaganda events the state has recently staged … Continue reading

Live Stream: Final Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in NYC (6-7th October)


The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is an International People’s Tribunal created in response to the international community’s inaction regarding Israel’s recognized violations of international law. Following the sessions in Barcelona (which focused on EU complicity), London (on Corporate Complicity) and Cape Town (on the crime of Apartheid), the New York Tribunal will go back to the root of the conflict and focus on UN and US responsibility in the denial of the Palestinian right to self-determination. There will be live streams from New York on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October (starting at 3pm Irish Time every day) – use … Continue reading

Action Item: Call on your MEP to reject new trade deal with Israel


On September 18 the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament is set to vote on a new trade agreement with Israel. If passed, the Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) would remove barriers to trade between Israel and member states in industrial products, especially pharmaceuticals. Such an agreement would strengthen EU-Israel relations and would reward Israel for its continued violations of international law. The European Union claims to implement a policy of “positive engagement” with Israel. This policy has failed: despite numerous EU condemnations, Israel has continued its gross infringements of universal human rights with … Continue reading

Action Item: Petition – Vote no to the EU-Israel ACAA agreement


Please sign the following petition against the EU-Israel ACAA agreement which is being debated now in the European Parliament. The rejection of ACAA is important for the promotion of peace and justice. In its agreements with third countries, we believe that the EU should promote and respect human rights and fundamental values. The benefits brought by the adoption of such agreements should not be built on breaches of international law, unlawful or inequitable exploitation of resources and/or unfair and discriminatory practices. In the case of the EU-Israel ACAA, EU citizens do not want to benefit from Israeli control over Palestinian … Continue reading

BDS at 7! – Celebrating, reflecting and further mainstreaming


Statement from Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC) Occupied Palestine, 9th July 2012 Seven years after the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel was launched, the global BDS campaign has become stronger, more widespread, more effective and certainly more diverse than ever—a true cause for celebration by all those groups and conscientious citizens of the world who contributed to this success. However, Israel’s intensifying violations of international law and basic Palestinian rights, the direct threat Israel poses to the freedom of peoples across the region, and the impunity that Israel still enjoys are cause for … Continue reading

Action Item: Sign petition ‘Remove UEFA 2013 European Under-21 Championship from Israel’


It took three months of hunger strike and the near death of a Palestinian footballer, held for three years without charge or trial under the ‘Unlawful Combatants Law’ which is itself illegal under international law, for the Israeli authorities to agree to a release deal. While we cautiously welcome the deal that should see Mahmoud Sarsak released on 10 July 2012, we are alarmed that Olympic squad goalkeeper Omar Abu Rois and Ramallah player Mohammed Nimr are also being held by Israel without charge. We maintain that a state which holds sportsmen as political prisoners is unfit to host an international sporting event. This … Continue reading

Gaza family, victims of Israeli war crimes, appeal to British Queen to remove “blood diamond”


The Sammoni family, 29 members of which were killed by the Israeli military in Gaza in 2009, have issued an appeal to the British Queen to remove the Steinmetz Forevermark Jubilee Diamond which De Beers put on display in the Tower of London to mark the Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. In total, 29 members of the Sammoni family were killed by the Givati Brigade of the Israeli army during the Israeli assault on Gaza (Operation Cast Lead) in December 2008 – January 2009. 21 were killed in a single airstrike on a building in which the family were taking cover, … Continue reading

IPSC condemns abduction of Palestinian Theatre Director and ongoing Israeli attacks


The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) today condemned the detention of Nabil Al-Raee, the Artistic Director of the Jenin Freedom Theatre, by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank. Martin O’Quigley, IPSC Chairperson said, “the IPSC condmens this act of cultural repression by the Israeli occupation forces. The Freedom Theatre is an internationally renowned and respected artistic company. In light of this, and previous similar attacks on the theatre, this abduction can only be seen as a targeted act of intimidation and harassment of Palestinian artists by Israel’s apartheid regime”. Mr. Al-Raee was taken at approximately 3:15 am this morning when … Continue reading

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